lilac + flint is your skincare ritual, redefined.

From acne to aging, redness to wrinkles, scarring to sensitivity and everything in between, we’ve got a solution for your most complex skincare needs. Our formulas are hardworking problem solvers, with treatment options for every skin concern we’ve seen in the treatment room. We believe you are beautiful and powerful and we're here for it. Our business is about bringing your innate beauty to its full potential and all the confidence and rebel glory that comes with it.

At lilac + flint, we’re small but mighty. That’s why our mascot is our favorite ingredient: the lilac stem cell. These microscopic cells are powerhouses that can profoundly impact the skin. After years of research, our founder and Esthetician Lindsay Flint embraced the lilac stem cell as a crucial ingredient in her professional treatment room and in her lifelong struggle against acne. Now, she is sharing the benefits of this vibrant purple blossom with the world. Anything is possible with the power of lilac + flint.

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eco-friendly practices, fair trade, sustainable &  biodiverse ingredients

in-lab steam distillation & small batch formulations

free of animal cruelty

without parabens, pthalates, and methylisothiazolinone 

We invite you to an elevated, luxury experience for your skin that is eco-friendly and body-positive. Every lilac + flint product is backed by science and developed with a respect for the natural world and the skincare needs of real women. We skip the photoshop and fake reviews because we believe you will love the results you’ll see in your own mirror. Come with us and take the next step on your personal skincare journey. 

About Lindsay Flint
Licensed Esthetician
Guided by years of experience as a licensed esthetician, a love of nature, and a lifelong battle with problem skin, Lindsay Flint founded indie beauty brand lilac + flint to provide women with a professional skincare product line focused on education and empowerment.
Lindsay’s skincare career took her to some of the nation’s most renowned destinations. Prior to founding lilac + flint, Lindsay spent a decade at luxury spas such as San Francisco’s International Orange Spa and the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, FL before going on to open her own skincare studios in San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento. During this time, studied product formulation under industry pioneer and cosmetic chemist Rebecca James Gadberry at UCLA and completed the Face Reality Acne Specialist Program.

When she’s not reading about, writing about, talking about, or innovating in the skincare field, Lindsay indulges her love for art, poetry, nature, and life with her husband and two children in Sacramento, CA.