ABOUT Lindsay Flint, Licensed Esthetician

Lindsay Flint is a veteran esthetician with more than a decade of skincare experience under her belt working in the high-demand markets of San Francisco, Oakland and Palm Beach. She is so excited to bring her personal brand of real-life, sophisticated and intelligent skincare and a commitment to quality to her new home in Sacramento. She has recently curated her new, fresh and modern skincare line, lilac + flint. She is passionate about elevating her clients to their best skin, and believes that the relationships she creates with her clientele are the true heart of her business.

ABOUT lilac + flint

lilac+flint is your skincare, redefined. lilac+flint is a personally curated beauty line where each product is made with healthful formulas, which are configured into your personal blueprint for beauty: your l+f skincare regimen.This line, full of product superstars, is a refreshing antidote to the frustration created by the modern beauty industry. Rife with information overwhelm, fake reviews, and photoshopped before and afters, these toxic marketing schemes have one thing in common: empty promises. Frustrated by the smoke and mirrors, veteran esthetician Lindsay Flint set out to rescue her skin and impact the lives of her clients with a different approach. You can leave behind the guesswork and the burden of randomly applying products with no clear gameplan.  Our business is not based on gimmicks, photoshop, or B.S. – it’s built on science, experience, and integrity. Our business is about your unique roadmap to your beauty goals.

At lilac+flint, we’re small but mighty. That’s why our mascot is our favorite ingredient: the lilac stem cell. These primal cells are microscopic powerhouses that have a profound impact on the entire intercellular skin matrix. After years of research, Lindsay embraced the lilac stem cell as a crucial ingredient in her professional treatment room and in her personal, lifelong struggle against acne. As a child, Lindsay would relish the sweet scent of lilac when it painted the hillsides each spring. As our founder, she is sharing the benefits of this vibrant purple blossom with the world. Anything is possible with the power of lilac + flint. Come with us and take the next step on your personal skin care journey. To find out more about our little company with big ideas for taking on Big Beauty, please visit: lilacandflint.com.

 Formulated without:

  • animal cruelty
  • parabens
  • gluten
  • pthalates
  • animal by-products

Formulated with

  • eco-friendly practices
  • in-lab steam distilled plant extractions to increase potency and freshness
  • small batch formulations 
  • green manufacturing practices using clean energy sources
  • fair trade, sustainable, and biodiverse ingredients