We’re here for you, Rebel Beauty!

There are a lot of trends & hype in the skincare industry that make claims for healthy, more youthful-looking skin but they often fall short on delivering long-term anti-aging solutions that are truly acne-safe. 

So frustrating! Don’t make us Rebel Beauties choose!

That's why as an esthetician-created, Indie skincare brand, ⁠lilac  + flint products are a super-smart posse of skin-tentional hardworking problem solvers.

Not only do our formulations include hand-selected ingredients that target anti-aging and acne, they feel incredibly luxurious and deeply hydrating on your skin. We call that a “Unicorn” in the skincare industry!  

 Beauty on your terms.

You know, when your skin looks and feels healthy it’s kind of amazing how that energy trickles into other parts of our lives. At lilac + flint, our entire philosophy is to elevate and support your innate beauty to its highest potential…and all the confidence and rebel glory that comes with it!


lilac + flint Values


About Our Founder

Lindsay Flint is a Licensed Esthetician with more than a decade of skincare experience under her belt. She’s been a Skin Therapist in San Francisco, Oakland and Palm Beach spas treating everything from pigmentation and deep lines & wrinkles to sensitivity and acne. It was her frustration with the lack of anti-aging solutions that were truly acne-safe that sparked lilac + flint into creation. 

Lindsay knows first hand how acne sabotages self-esteem, especially when it continued long after her teenage acne should have cleared up! Lindsay was in her 30’s, with access to top professional skincare lines, regular facials, and a healthy lifestyle, but still struggled with breakouts. Even the few acne medications that kept her clear were no longer an option when she was ready to start a family - they wouldn’t be safe for the baby.

Because of this anti-aging/acne dilema, it was almost impossible to find anti-aging products that didn’t break her or her clients out. Acne products did nothing for anti-aging and often made the skin more sensitive & irritated! It was only when she partnered with a highly-niched & innovative skincare formulator who loved to problem solve as much as Lindsay did, that the lilac +flint “anti-aging meets acne-safe” skincare was established.

"Everyone deserves to embrace their own version of rebel beauty."

Lindsay and the lilac + flint brand has been rapidly gaining national attention for her unique anti-aging meets acne-safe approach. Lindsay has been featured in publications such as Byrdie and American Spa, LA Style Magazine and as a guest on Good Day Morning Show in Sacramento, California.   

Lindsay is a busy mom of 2 adorable littles, but that doesn’t seem to slow her down from innovating new acne-safe products, connecting with other women entrepreneurs and filling her soul with intentional living and loving. She and her partner can be found beaching, playing, laughing and embracing life to the fullest with their children in Sacramento, California.




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