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You find yourself asking...

“How have I reached an age where I’m now dealing with wrinkles AND breakouts?”

We get it...

You’ve outgrown teen acne products and yet the luxury brands you love don’t keep you clear. At lilac + flint, we strike the balance of true anti-aging, clear skin results wrapped in a luxury skincare experience.

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A Match for All Skin Types

Since acne, aging, and sensitivity all share the same root cause; inflammation, lilac + flint skincare is a safe-haven for all skin types.

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lilac + flint is your go-to, all-in-one skincare brand

From sensitivity, deep lines, and wrinkles to pigmentation, texture, and lack of tone, we’ve got you covered! No need to invest in multiple brands to get the acne-safe, anti-aging results you’ve been searching for!

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Beauty on your terms

Rebel beauty is a lifestyle. Rebel beauty is a feeling of being free and uninhibited. Rebel beauty is bold. Rebel beauty is fearless. Rebel beauty is always true to who you are and what you believe in. You no longer have to obey the rules of beauty.

“lilac + flint is about bringing your innate beauty to its full potential and all the confidence and rebel beauty that comes with it.”

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Esthetician-Made Skincare:

Founder Lindsay Flint created a skincare line because she was frustrated by how to deeply hydrate and prevent aging in skin that is dry, sensitive, and prone to breakouts.

The Lilac Stem Cell:

The star of the show! A powerful mechanism for acne-safe-skin regeneration expertly targeting aging skin concerns.

Supercharged, Acne-Safe Hydration:

Deep hydration is a critical step to ending skin troubles for good. lilac + flint products are instantly soothing + deeply hydrating.

“I don’t know what’s in these products, but my skin instantly looks 10 years younger as soon as I put them on!”

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Meet Our

Lindsay Flint is a Licensed Esthetician with more than a decade of skincare experience under her belt. She’s been a Skin Therapist in San Francisco, Oakland and Palm Beach spas treating everything from pigmentation and deep lines & wrinkles to sensitivity and acne. It was her frustration with the lack of anti-aging solutions that were truly acne-safe that sparked lilac + flint into creation.

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Our Rebel Rockstar!
The Lilac Stem Cell

Plant Stem Cells contain amino acids and peptides, which are key for skin regeneration!

After years of research, Lindsay Flint embraced the lilac stem cell as a crucial ingredient in her treatment room and in her lifelong struggle against acne.

Now, she is sharing the benefits of this vibrant purple blossom with the world.

Lilac Stem Cell Benefits For The Skin

The first thing you notice when you meet the lilac stem cell is that she's wildly popular for her ability to regenerate the skin for powerful anti-aging results.

She's on everyone's skincare wish list.
Everyone wants her and everyone loves her.

The Lilac Stem Cell

Acne-safe, anti-aging ingredients driven by science


> anti-inflammatory capabilities stronger than those of hydrocortisone

> accelerated wound-healing and the ability to attract pro-inflammatory cells in the areas of damaged skin

> reduction of sebum production and supression of hyperpigmentation

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Copper TriPeptide-1

Acne-safe, anti-aging ingredients driven by science


> scientific evidence that supports the acceleration of wound healing

> diabetic wounds healed three times faster

> great improvement of skin elasticity, firmness, photodamage and pigmentation

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