Lilac + Flint's Cool-Down Duo for Sunburned Skin

Sunburns and prolonged sun exposure can leave our skin feeling tight, irritated, and in desperate need of hydration. Whether you’ve just returned from a sun-soaked vacation, spent an afternoon by the pool, or enjoyed a beach day, your skin requires some extra love and attention. lilac + flint, renowned for our acne-safe and anti-aging skincare solutions, has a game-changing skincare tip to recover your sun-stressed skin.

The Recipe for Chill: lilac + flint DRENCH | Lilac Hydra Gel

One of the most refreshing ways to treat sunburned skin is by using products that are cool to the touch. This instantaneously soothes the burning sensation, alleviates redness, and provides a calming effect. Our favorite recommendation? Keep our lilac + flint DRENCH | Lilac Hydra Gel in your refrigerator. This not only amplifies its hydrating properties but also makes it a chilly rescue for your sunburned skin.

Breathe Life Into Sun-Exposed Skin with BREATHE BALM | Ozonated Jojoba Oil

On its own, our BREATHE BALM | Ozonated Jojoba Oil is a wonder remedy. It promotes skin healing, offers antioxidant protection, and is a lightweight moisturizer. For those unaware, ozonation supercharges the oil with oxygen, which expedites the skin healing process, making it perfect for skin exposed to harmful UV rays.

Double-Oxygen Duo: The Ultimate Sunburn Solution

For instantaneous results, mix a dollop of the chilled Lilac Hydra Gel with our Breathe Balm. This combination results in a double-oxygen duo blend that not only hydrates and soothes but also boosts skin recovery post sun-exposure. The enhanced oxygen content aids in repairing skin cells, reducing inflammation, and bringing back your skin’s natural radiance.

Our Sunburn Recovery Duo:

1. Instantaneous Relief: The cooling sensation from the refrigerated gel combined with the healing properties of the ozonated oil offers immediate relief from sunburn discomfort.
2. Boosts Skin Recovery: The double-oxygen blend ensures that your skin heals faster, reducing the chances of peeling or prolonged redness.
3. Safe for Acne-Prone Skin: Our products are acne-safe, ensuring that while you treat sunburns, you don’t have to worry about unexpected breakouts.
4. Anti-Aging Benefits: Alongside sunburn recovery, our duo is also infused with anti-aging properties. This ensures that the sun doesn’t accelerate your skin's aging process.

Extended sun exposure is almost inevitable, especially during those perfect vacation days or relaxing weekends. However, with lilac + flint's cooling and healing skincare duo, you can ensure that your skin remains healthy, hydrated, and youthful, no matter how strong the sun's rays. Always remember, while post-sun care is essential, prevention is crucial. Alongside our recovery tip, make sure to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin. Stay radiant and sun-safe!