How I Use Medicinal Mushrooms to Reverse Sun Damage Post Sun + Salt


There's nothing quite like the liberating feeling of basking in the warm Costa Rican sun to reinvigorate my soul and reset my nervous system in a profound way, especially when it's coupled with the invigorating touch of salt water during a tropical wellness retreat. My recent trip to Costa Rica as a guest of The Good Vibes Retreat was a testament to this timeless pursuit of sun-soaked bliss, and my journey inward to heal and connect with myself and my higher power. However, as much as our spirits thrive under the sun, our skin tells a different story. Enter the hero of my nightly skincare ritual:the lilac + flint CHAGA | Firming Recovery Complex

The product's creamy texture is a dream to apply, melting into the skin without leaving a heavy or greasy finish. In fact, it has a surprisingly matte finish. It delivers intense hydration, restoring bounce and plumpness to my sun-drenched skin. Moreover, it's formulated to be safe for acne and sensitive skin types, making it a universal remedy for anyone looking to undo the day's damage. It's not surprising at all that the product is made up of more than 50% chaga mushroom. It is not a vanity ingredient, it is the base of the entire jar of product.

The Challenge of Sun and Salt

While Costa Rica's pristine beaches and vibrant landscapes offered an unforgettable escape, they also posed the familiar challenge of sun and salt exposure. These elements, although natural, can significantly dehydrate the skin, accelerate aging, and contribute to cellular damage. Recognizing the need to counteract these effects, I turned to an age-old remedy with a modern twist.

The Magic of Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga mushrooms have a rich history of being revered for their exceptional healing properties in traditional medicine, particularly within Northern European, Russian, and Indigenous cultures of North America for centuries. 

Russian folk medicine has  often referred to Chaga as the "King of Herbs" and was used to make a tea that served as a tonic for the heart and liver, believed to purify the blood and rid the body of toxins.

Indigenous peoples in North America, particularly those in regions where chaga is naturally found, such as the birch forests of Alaska and Northern Canada, have also utilized chaga for medicinal purposes. They traditionally used it as a remedy for various conditions, including lung diseases and gastrointestinal issues. Chaga was also used externally for skin conditions, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Notably, their use extends beyond traditional use, as modern science has begun to unveil the mechanisms behind their health benefits. Chaga is rich in antioxidants, which combat the oxidative stress caused by sun exposure. These powerful compounds help repair cell damage and reduce inflammation, making Chaga an excellent ally in the fight against photoaging. Modern medicine has taken a keen interest in chaga mushrooms, primarily due to their rich composition of bioactive compounds such as polysaccharides, betulinic acid, triterpenoids, and antioxidants. The scientific community has conducted various studies to explore their potential health benefits, focusing on their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune-modulating, and anticancer properties. 

Anti-inflammatory Powerhouse

The anti-inflammatory properties of Chaga cannot be overstated. Inflammation is the body's natural response to injury, including UV radiation from the sun. By mitigating this response, Chaga helps to prevent the redness, swelling, and discomfort that often accompany prolonged sun exposure. This is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin, as it helps to soothe and calm irritation.

My Post-Costa Rica Ritual

After days spent soaking up the vibrant Costa Rican sun, my skin craved relief. The lilac + flint's CHAGA | Firming Recovery Complex became my evening go-to self care. This unique firming treatment harnesses the bioactive power of Chaga mushrooms, combined with advanced peptides, to create a soothing, protective barrier for my skin.

As we continue to seek out the world's natural wonders, it's vital to remember the importance of caring for our skin in the process. My post-sun ritual with lilac + flint's Chaga Moisturizer not only addresses the immediate effects of sun and salt but also invests in the long-term health of my skin. With each application, I'm reminded of the power of nature—not just to inspire, but to heal.

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