New Year's Resolution: Sunday Self Care


      In 2020, refresh your routine by adding a once-a-week Sunday night self care ritual.

      • Apply AFTERGLOW Scrub to the face like a mask in a steamy shower.
      • While it sits, wash your body with TAHITIAN DREAM Body Wash.
      • Scrub face gently with your fingertips, then rinse off the facial scrub. 
      • Apply ENDLESS SUMMER Mask to face.
      • While the mask sits, scrub your body with the DAZZLE Body Polish.
      • Rinse off mask and body polish.
      • Post-shower, apply WILD ROSE Nourishing Face Oil (just a few drops, pressed into the face while skin is still damp.)
      • Apply BLOOM Neroli Body Oil all over to finish :)
      • Refreshed and ready for your week.

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