For the love of all things acne-safe and barrier repairing! I really can't express how much this oil means to me. It sounds silly, but let me elaborate: I FREAKING LOVE THIS OIL. High linoleic acid (approx 75%) and low oleic acid (approx 14%) equals acne users can use this oil to repair their barrier without clogging pores. You can find this superstar ingredient in my SUPPLE | Cucumber Cream Cleanser and SHINE ON | Anti-Oxidant Oil Cleanser. Both are an excellent choice for anyone with barrier issues like rosacea. For acne, I would recommend the Supple. 

As a lifelong acne sufferer with DRY SKIN, it has always been a struggle for me to find something that will protect my skin's delicate barrier but also help me resolve my acne. It wasn't until I discovered this perfect ingredient that I really started to make real progress with clearing my acne. When using the SUPPLE | Cucumber Cream Cleanser, my clients can use stronger actives with ease, helping us get them to their clear goals faster. 

Besides, the flowers are hella pretty! More reasons to grow fields of them for commerce!