For the Love of Rose Flower Water

  • Calming and Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antioxidant - a unique combination of antioxidants including citronellol and geraniol 
  • Anti-aging

Rose flower water is made with a distillation process. Roses are packed into a still. As the steam rises through the rose petals, their cells burst open and they release plant compounds. The resulting liquid is Rose Flower Water, enriched with the microscopic particles of rose oil. The first record of rose water made with a distillation process can be traced back to the Persian Empire in the eighth century, as it was considered a treasured commodity. But roses had long been in use for beauty rituals as far back as 5,000 years ago by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. 

Early distillation required 2,000 roses to make one single gram, which is what made the precious liquid so revered. Not too much has changed, although new hydrodistillations have improved upon the process. It still takes tens of thousands of roses to produce a small amount of essential oil, as each petal only contains so much oil. This explains why there are so many synthetic rose fragrances on the market today. It would seem like a good idea to synthesize this scent, but as it turns out, the real rose scent is almost impossible to mimic. Rose flowers have the most complicated chemical constitution of any flower in the world with an incredible 300 unique molecules. 

Check out our PEACE | Calming Rose Toner for a beautifully balanced mix of Rose Flower Water and Organic Aloe to calm, hydrate, and balance. 


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    And of course, Quench is one of my top 5 and a must have in my daily skincare routine! It is heavenly sent.

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